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About Marseille Land Contracting

Marseille Land Contracting, established in 2018 at Dubai – UAE. we aspire to become your business partners, and to achieve that objective, we introduce you to an ultra modern definition of the industry – one that’s customer-centric, results-oriented, and tailored to your project. With us, you get a glimpse of luxury service, regardless of the size of your project, all with the support of our team members, who are the driving force behind our success.

Years of experience in Dubai.

Structural Design


Interior design

Kitchen Style

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Interior Design

Our Services

Planning and Interior

We prepare the ideal plan for the client according to his requirements and according to the allocated budget.

Interior Design

Once we get the client's approval, we proceed with the implementation to convert the idea to a project

House Renovation

Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise,

Operational schemes

We implement the agreed executive plan accurately and is followed up by the consultant or engineer supervising the project

Recent projects

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors, sometimes including the exterior, of a space or building.

(احدي مشاريعنا في دبي ( انترناشونال سيتي

احدي مشاريعنا في دبي ( وادي شبك )

احدي مشاريعنا في دبي (الورقاء)

احدي مشاريعنا في دبي (العوير )

احدي مشاريعنا في دبي (انترناشونال سيتي )

احدي مشاريعنا في دبي (الورقاء)